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Saturday, 16 July 2011

My Heart...

If you had my heart would you protect it forever?
Take care of this jewel and treat it like treasure
Be careful not to break it for of glass it is made
It is fragile already, I feel the edges are frayed

Time has healed my heart but if you only knew
How vulnerable I feel when I share this with you
Past love has before forced my heart to shatter
My Heart locked away, left me feeling quite bitter

My heart has recovered, is searching for a home
Two hearts may beat together, no longer alone
I hope that you'll nurture this and treat it with care
To pick up more pieces, would make this unfair

© Nicola Marinkovic

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Destiny Rules

Destiny rules whilst our destiny reigns
A life of lost passion, feeling betrayed
Captured by time or forever embracing
Time for adventure, not for misplacing

Souls entwined together, blissfully true
Basking in knowledge for all that is new
Walking away from the past memories
Silently creating our deepest fantasies

Dancing through life, ever carefully so
Knowledge is ours to share and bestow
Embarking on adventures all unforeseen
Hoping to fulfill everything that we dream

© Nicola Marinkovic

Her Dreams...

Her dreams were hazy but the faces so clear
What was their meaning, what did she fear?
So realistically haunting but then she awoke
A day of reflection screened by the smoke

Dreams would just confuse the reality of it all
To become a part of his world as the night fall
Dancing and dreaming that they were together
Longing for the dream to stay with her forever

The fear was still there, for this could never be
The dream was the only time that he could see
For they lived different life's were oceans apart
Her dreams she always kept close to her heart

© Nicola Marinkovic