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Friday, 24 June 2011

I Dream Of.............

I dream of a time when there will be no poverty
No destruction and war for the innocent to see
When racism and hatred will no longer exist
Of a world that unites and no country resists

I dream of an end to all starvation and crime
Where nobody feels hunger in their lifetime
We are safe in our homes and on our streets
Where no child knows abuse, hurt or deceit

I dream of a time that will end domestic abuse
The statistics will fall and headline the news
To not live in fear and to care for one another
Know that we’re equal, the same as each other

I hope that one day my dreams will come true
Be a part of the changes that affect me and you
To live in a world where we all show respect
How precious life is, due to cause and effect

© Nicola Marinkovic

Thursday, 16 June 2011

For Father's Day

My Dad is very special to me; I think he’s a fantastic fellow
He only ever wants the best for me, will always be my hero
He protects me and keeps me safe, whenever I am in trouble
Whenever I may need him; he is there and extremely helpful

He gave me high expectations, of everything a man should be
No matter how difficult I was, he’s always been there for me
For this I will always be grateful and I hope that he does know
I appreciate everything he’s done for me, I hope that this shows

He has always been the strong one, who holds all of us together
For these reasons I will always love him and cherish him forever
He never asks much of anyone, just to be honest and to be true
He stands before all the family; their is nothing he would not do

I am proud of the man that he is; I love him with all of my heart
I enjoy the time we’re together and miss him when we are apart
He is always their to guide me; shows an interest in all that I do
I thank him for all that he does and I value him everyday too

© Nicola Marinkovic

Monday, 13 June 2011

Children Living In Poverty

After watching a documentary on children in poverty
I felt extremely humble; saddened by what I did see
These stories were told by admirable, young children
Who shared with us tales on how their family function

On benefits with not enough to eat three meals a day
Some of them had never had the chance of a holiday
The way they told their stories helped me understand
They lived from day to day, tried not to make demands
To have never shared a holiday and family time away
Parents struggling to meet bills, that they had to pay
Benefits could not cover the costs of their daily living
Basic needs are met by the government’s providing

They realised the need to get a job when they grew up
Listening to them speak, they’d already had to grow up
Labelled as being poor but grateful of such little things
How could we ignore, the importance of their feelings?

For any child to live in poverty, at risk of being bullied
For how they dress, lack of toys, not because of greed
Knowing we’re rated as a country with such high poverty
Really did make me question our government’s sincerity

Will this ever change; for the children’s sakes it should
If we can help bail out the banks for the economical good
Then why are we failing to provide for all these children
What’s happened to this country that we all call Britain?

© Nicola Marinkovic

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Define Time....

Define time when minutes pass us by so quickly
Explain how hours that have passed become days
Reflect on how the years have seemed to fly by
Think how much during time your life's changed

On reflection how far in life, you may have come
Precious moments in time your heart can define
Memories of moments that we chose at random
For you to treasure inside for the rest of all time

Time too can help us mend when we need healing
Give us time, strength and courage to help repair
Special times can provoke such beautiful feelings
Of experiences and quality time that we can share

Define time as an adventure, one we all can play
Let your adventure be fun, memories to treasure
Of a time full of enjoyment, remember the cliché
Time waits for no one, let’s enjoy it with pleasure

© Nicola Marinkovic