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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Our Planet...

Our planet, our home and our animals we have a duty to protect
To ignore what’s happening to our planet is just a form of neglect                             
Mother Nature’s made many changes causing much destruction
Many lives sadly lost because countries are struggling to function

The climate is rapidly changing, threatening our beautiful planet
Animals at risk of extinction, their numbers reduce by the minute
For what’s beautiful to us now will eventually turn bleak and grey
We need to make many changes, so future generations don’t pay

Show respect for our environment, it provides us with such beauty
We can help preserve our planet; the future need not be so gloomy
Have consideration for what we share, everyone can pull together
If we carry on as we are, there will be nothing left for us to treasure

© Nicola Marinkovic

Sunday, 4 September 2011


Alone in the woods when darkness starts to fall
My heart begins racing, my skin starts to crawl
I wonder if there’s a chance I may see you here
Anxiously waiting whilst suppressing inner fear

Just a glimpse of your face the scent of your skin
Will ease my anxiety and feed my passion within
To you I’m a stranger but yet you fascinate me so
I can sense that you are different, why I don’t know

I’ve watched you many times, in your secret place
The brightness from the moon revealing your face
Your skin is so pale and your eyes look stone cold
You take my breath away, what secrets do you hold

© Nicola Marinkovic