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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Happy Anniversary

Thirty years of marriage and nothing will ever compare
To the friendship, loyalty and love that you both do share
Caring, supportive and giving, love you will always treasure
Standing the tests of time for this could be the only measure

Through trials and tribulations always facing them together

The love you have is strong, never questioning it is forever
Enjoy your special day remember how far you have come
Both happy in the knowledge that you have found the one

Through the hard times and the sadness, suffering and tears

Standing side by side, whilst confronting both your fears
Soul mates joined by marriage and bound together by love
Made for one another, knowing this is more than enough

Sharing laughter and happiness, fulfilling all that you dream

Living life's journey together and always working as a team
Two hearts beating as one providing strength to each other
Thirty years of marriage shows your perfect for one another

(C) Nicola Marinkovic

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Could you be....

Could you be all the things I would like you to be
Would you be able to except everything that is me
Enjoy the simple pleasures in which we may share
Be honest, be true and let me know that you care

Together find happiness in the smallest of things
Take one day at a time with all that it may bring
Never forget the importance of a hug or a kiss
When we're apart let me know that I'm missed

Accept I'm not perfect, be happy with who I am
Treat me like a lady and behave like a gentleman
Make me feel special because you help me to see
That love still exists, you wouldn't try to change me

(C) Nicola Marinkovic

If Love Was Your Answer.......

If love was your answer then what was the question?
You now want me to listen, to hear your confession
You are now apart of my life I would like to forget
A weakness I once had and I shall always regret

We tried, we failed and it was not meant to be
No more anger or pain now I'm setting you free
Good intentions are fine its seeing them through
Whatever the problem, it was always about you

You can't change who you are or pretend anymore
We both know it goes back to the same as before
Blaming others for your anger promising to change
Always the same story but never turning the page

The hurt we have felt by the words that you shared
Left us all sad because we thought that you cared
My children are my world, my reason, my being
You hurt them, you hurt me and all of our feelings

Months have passed by and I hope that you see
We tried and we failed now I am setting us free

(c) Nicola Marinkovic