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Thursday, 31 March 2011

For Mother's Day

Mum, you are my best friend, I know that I am blessed
You are always there for me and to me you are the best
You're supportive and very caring, you are my inspiration
For all the things that you do I have complete admiration

Your life has not been easy, in fact quite difficult at times
You have always cared for me, I am lucky you are mine
Please be sure that you are loved always cared for by me
That I look forward to our future, whatever that may be

I know that I can achieve anything with you by my side
As the woman that you are will always fill me with pride
If I can just give you back all that you have given to me
The bond that we share and the whole world can see

Whenever you may need me I shall always be right there
A shoulder for you to cry on, tears and hugs we can share
Fulfill our goals and aspirations, that we both can achieve
One thing is for certain that in you I will always believe

You are my guide, my confidante and so very much more
Locked away in my heart forever by a love that is pure
We will share this life together, all the things we can do
For I will always be grateful of all that I have in you

© Nicola Marinkovic

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

What gives us the right........

What gives us the right to take our moods out on others?
Our families, our children, our friends, all who love us
Because we woke up that day and we felt that way out
Would that give us the right to be difficult and to shout?

To be ignorant and quite moody, or just grunt and groan
Or maybe spend the whole day doing nothing but moan
About the way that they are and the things they may do
Imagine if this role was reversed, it would get to you too

To be picked at and put down or just moaned at all day
It would surely get you down until you felt the same way
For should we not treat others as we'd like to be treated?
To admit when we are wrong and try not be so conceited

Try stop behaving like a child until we get our own way
Nothing gives us the right to make someone else pay?
For the way that we felt when we woke up that morning
Without reason or explanation not a hint or a warning

To why we're being difficult and behaving like we are
For how would we feel if we pushed them too far?
Look back with regret at how we had treated others
The people who cared and were always there for us

We could try to be more truthful, learn to communicate
Before we damage all we have because it's never too late
To think about our behaviour and how it can affect others
If we love them as we say then just be kind to one another

© Nicola Marinkovic

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Poem for Japan

As Japan was struck by immense devastation
This moment in time affected so many nations
Their sadness and loss reached out to us all
A wave of destruction in the midst of their fall

Many lives were taken, when this tragedy struck
Villages and homes reduced to nothing but muck
For this country, its people I have pure admiration
The courage they have shown in need of salvation

We all have a choice, let's help make a difference
Show love and support, regardless of distance
Keep them in our prayers and in our hearts too
For the sake of humanity, its the least we can do

Donate a little something, whatever you may give
Could help rebuild their lives, places they once lived
We share this world together, its wrong just to ignore
What's going on around us the pictures that we saw

It may not be our country but we all have a right to live
Be there for one another is the message we should give
To the people of Japan and all the other countries too
We all can help each other, let's start with me and you

© Nicola Marinkovic

Monday, 21 March 2011


Music has been in our lives for forever
Magical sounds that provide us with pleasure
Our choices in music can vary quite often
What one person likes another finds rotten

Music is written in many different forms
Given all the choices sometimes we feel torn
Do we like Rock or Pop, House or Electronic

Or maybe R&B, Jazz or Technotronic

Music is something we can enjoy when we say
Whilst we party all night till the break of day
Dance till we know we can't dance anymore
Till our legs are aching and our feet feel sore

Or maybe stay at home sit back and relax
To our choice of music our favourite tracks
Music reminds us of  fun times and places
Time spent with friends just getting wasted

The music we enjoy with a special someone
Lyrics to 'our song' inspiring true devotion
Unique to us alone, we don't have to share
The meaning for our music is always there

It could be the lyrics or the beat that you feel
Sounds from the instruments can make it so real
The depth of the keyboard or piano, you choose
Combine them together its ourselves that we lose

In the moment, in our mind, our own special place
We allow it to absorb us become lost with out trace
For music is non-judgmental regardless of taste
It's the magic of music that we just cannot waste

© Nicola Marinkovic

Friday, 18 March 2011

The Past

The past has away of creeping up on us all
For we carry it around like a chain and a ball

The past can provoke quite a mixture of feelings
That I try to analyse to discover their meanings

The past has its own way of telling our tale
Did I learn to let it go, will I be destined to fail?
Stay stuck in the past and never move forward
To not deal with these feelings, am I a coward?

The past could be full of much sorrow and regret
Can I block out my past, could I learn to forget
The past, the pain and mistakes that I now see
Can I learn to let go or will I let it destroy me?

To not dwell on the past is the least I can do
Look forward to my future, let my actions be true
To myself first of all then the people around me
Live my life to the full, it is the future that I see

© Nicola Marinkovic

Would you love me the same

Do you care how I will look twenty years from now
Would you love me the same, do you really know how

You will feel when I no longer look like as I do
When my body has aged would that bother you?

When my face shows the lines the years have provided
Would you love me the same if I then just decided

To erase all those years with plastic surgery
Change the way that I look, could that really be me?

Would you love me the same if I looked younger than you
Wore a face with no expression and all the vanity too

Would I be happy with the changes or just want more
Change the body I had been given until I wasn't so sure

Who I was, where I'd gone, who this person could be
Would you love me the same if I was no longer me?

© Nicola Marinkovic

Monday, 14 March 2011

Love of a child

The love of a child is unconditional and true
It can fill your heart with warmth
Make you happy when you're blue
Give you strength from within
That you never knew you had
To protect and to nurture
Whilst you shield them from the bad

The love of a child is unconditional and true
But if you were ever to abuse this
The damage that this could do
Would stay in their hearts forever
And always on their mind
For the love that you'd tainted
By being hurtful and unkind

For a child's love is sacred
Should be protected by us all
Its sincere and forgiving
Has no boundaries like a wall
But forgiveness has its limits
Which we all should be aware
That when a child becomes an adult
Its the memories that we share

© Nicola Marinkovic

Sunday, 13 March 2011

I wonder what you dream

I watch as you lie sleeping and I wonder what you dream
I listen to your breathing but yet you feel so out of reach

I watch your expressions and I wonder what they mean
I listen to you mumble whilst I wonder what you dream

Are you safe in your dreams whilst you lay there in the night
Are you scared, are you anxious, do your dreams fill you with fright

Do you see all the things that your memory tries to hide
The faces, the places and all the memories deep inside

You stir and you are restless, only you know where you've been
As I lie there beside you and I wonder what you dream

© Nicola Marinkovic

Lives Journey

My journey through life is what will shape me
Give me strength to believe or try to break me
Make me deal with emotions, I don't want to feel
Give me somewhere to hide so my heart may heal

Face the fears deep inside that I try to hide from
Give me faith to believe that I too can be strong
To find courage within to face my deepest fears
In the dark of the night with my silent tears

Chase the sadness away that sometimes surrounds me
With the love that I feel from the people around me
Make my heart fill with pride for all that I share
With my family, my friends and the people who care

I look around and see all that life has to offer
The choices I make in the path that I follow
Contentment and happiness I feel from within
If I am true to myself  lives journey can begin

© Nicola Marinkovic