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Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Desperation overwhelms me, leaves me feeling confused
Left hurting inside whilst your words leave me bruised
My defences were weak; you drew me into your abysses 
Sinking deeper into pure darkness; I am fighting to resist

I should have known better because history always shows
You were the wolf in disguise only wearing sheep's clothes 
Subdued feelings of such frustration, sadness and despair
Wishing your words did not hurt me and I could not care

You make me want to retreat into myself to just hide away
Help me block out the venom and the games that you play
The child that lives within me just wants to keep running
I should have recognised the signs or seen this one coming

I will not feel anger, bitterness nor resentment or dismay
At some point in the near future I will look back on this day
Desperation will have left me; the darkness will be no more
I feel light shining within me providing guidance once more

(c) Nicola Marinkovic

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christmas Time

That special time is upon us for December is here
The time of joyous celebration, giving and cheer
Small children write letters to send to Santa Claus
Innocence and beauty that I wish we could pause

Christmas trees, decorations take over our home
Families spend time together, parties are thrown
The history of baby Jesus, how this day came to be
Played out whilst the children sing 'Little Donkey'

The shops become hectic as many will try to find
Special gifts for one another, thoughtful and kind
Christmas carols are being sung by people nearby
The smell of roast chestnuts, a taste of mulled wine

A time for reflection on the year that has gone by
Reminding us all once again how quickly time flies
Enjoying time together with the ones you hold dear
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

(c) Nicola Marinkovic

Monday, 7 November 2011

Remembrance Sunday/Veterans Day

A day of reflection, a part of history we all share
A defined date in time that portrays the warfare
We remember the brave their life's sadly taken
A sadness still remains that cannot be forsaken

The ‘Last Post’ plays then two minutes of silence
We will all stand together with unspoken alliance
Remembering the loss of our service men/women
The peace and freedom which we have been given

The courage they have shown will always live on
Time may pass us by but they will always belong
Within our heart's, our thoughts and memories too
We dedicate this day to remembering all of you

© Nicola Marinkovic

Thursday, 27 October 2011

True Inspiration...

How does it feel to be such an inspiration?
Respected by many for your determination
To be at the top and then to take such a fall
Just look at you now, you showed them all

Admired by so many for a talent you share
Delivered with passion an attribute so rare
To be a true gentleman, a rarity on its own
Adored by many, even when you’re alone

Civility costs nothing, wise words to us all
Acts of such kindness, no matter how small
Your message is clear and talent does shine
A true performer sharing such precious time

To see you perform was a dream to achieve
A special memory created for me to receive
Thank you for a dream; you helped to fulfil
I’ll treasure the memory till my heart is still

© Nicola Marinkovic

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Our Planet...

Our planet, our home and our animals we have a duty to protect
To ignore what’s happening to our planet is just a form of neglect                             
Mother Nature’s made many changes causing much destruction
Many lives sadly lost because countries are struggling to function

The climate is rapidly changing, threatening our beautiful planet
Animals at risk of extinction, their numbers reduce by the minute
For what’s beautiful to us now will eventually turn bleak and grey
We need to make many changes, so future generations don’t pay

Show respect for our environment, it provides us with such beauty
We can help preserve our planet; the future need not be so gloomy
Have consideration for what we share, everyone can pull together
If we carry on as we are, there will be nothing left for us to treasure

© Nicola Marinkovic

Sunday, 4 September 2011


Alone in the woods when darkness starts to fall
My heart begins racing, my skin starts to crawl
I wonder if there’s a chance I may see you here
Anxiously waiting whilst suppressing inner fear

Just a glimpse of your face the scent of your skin
Will ease my anxiety and feed my passion within
To you I’m a stranger but yet you fascinate me so
I can sense that you are different, why I don’t know

I’ve watched you many times, in your secret place
The brightness from the moon revealing your face
Your skin is so pale and your eyes look stone cold
You take my breath away, what secrets do you hold

© Nicola Marinkovic

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Why behave this way?

What did you hope to achieve by behaving this way?
These are cities you live in, not a game that you play
Looting the shops then reducing buildings to ashes
Causing mayhem where you go, covering your faces

Why do you think you've the right to take from anyone?
You’re actions are stupid and your behaviour is dumb
Stretching limited resources of our emergency services
You don't bring pride to this country, you only disgrace us

You show no care for others or the cities where you live
Destroying all in your path but what is really your motive?
If your actions are for a reason, then I am truly bemused
Your behaviour is disrespectful and cannot be excused

I feel only pride for the people who are rallying together
Protecting their premises and communities they treasure
Cleaning up the mess these selfish people have made
Showing solidarity by uniting, true courage displayed

(C) Nicola Marinkovic

Monday, 8 August 2011

Summer Holidays

Being aware of the beauty that nature can provide
A chance to indulge what we’re sometimes denied
Precious time spent with family, memories created
Escaping from the routine of what life has dictated

Enjoying the smallest things with family you share
Spending precious time together, just being there
Experiencing adventures, chapter’s in life’s book
Yours to remember just close your eyes and look

Time when reflection provides inner contentment
Memories you’ve gathered make you feel pleasant
People you spend time with, the bond that you share
Can help even the balance of when life seems unfair

(c) Nicola Marinkovic

Saturday, 16 July 2011

My Heart...

If you had my heart would you protect it forever?
Take care of this jewel and treat it like treasure
Be careful not to break it for of glass it is made
It is fragile already, I feel the edges are frayed

Time has healed my heart but if you only knew
How vulnerable I feel when I share this with you
Past love has before forced my heart to shatter
My Heart locked away, left me feeling quite bitter

My heart has recovered, is searching for a home
Two hearts may beat together, no longer alone
I hope that you'll nurture this and treat it with care
To pick up more pieces, would make this unfair

© Nicola Marinkovic

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Destiny Rules

Destiny rules whilst our destiny reigns
A life of lost passion, feeling betrayed
Captured by time or forever embracing
Time for adventure, not for misplacing

Souls entwined together, blissfully true
Basking in knowledge for all that is new
Walking away from the past memories
Silently creating our deepest fantasies

Dancing through life, ever carefully so
Knowledge is ours to share and bestow
Embarking on adventures all unforeseen
Hoping to fulfill everything that we dream

© Nicola Marinkovic

Her Dreams...

Her dreams were hazy but the faces so clear
What was their meaning, what did she fear?
So realistically haunting but then she awoke
A day of reflection screened by the smoke

Dreams would just confuse the reality of it all
To become a part of his world as the night fall
Dancing and dreaming that they were together
Longing for the dream to stay with her forever

The fear was still there, for this could never be
The dream was the only time that he could see
For they lived different life's were oceans apart
Her dreams she always kept close to her heart

© Nicola Marinkovic

Friday, 24 June 2011

I Dream Of.............

I dream of a time when there will be no poverty
No destruction and war for the innocent to see
When racism and hatred will no longer exist
Of a world that unites and no country resists

I dream of an end to all starvation and crime
Where nobody feels hunger in their lifetime
We are safe in our homes and on our streets
Where no child knows abuse, hurt or deceit

I dream of a time that will end domestic abuse
The statistics will fall and headline the news
To not live in fear and to care for one another
Know that we’re equal, the same as each other

I hope that one day my dreams will come true
Be a part of the changes that affect me and you
To live in a world where we all show respect
How precious life is, due to cause and effect

© Nicola Marinkovic

Thursday, 16 June 2011

For Father's Day

My Dad is very special to me; I think he’s a fantastic fellow
He only ever wants the best for me, will always be my hero
He protects me and keeps me safe, whenever I am in trouble
Whenever I may need him; he is there and extremely helpful

He gave me high expectations, of everything a man should be
No matter how difficult I was, he’s always been there for me
For this I will always be grateful and I hope that he does know
I appreciate everything he’s done for me, I hope that this shows

He has always been the strong one, who holds all of us together
For these reasons I will always love him and cherish him forever
He never asks much of anyone, just to be honest and to be true
He stands before all the family; their is nothing he would not do

I am proud of the man that he is; I love him with all of my heart
I enjoy the time we’re together and miss him when we are apart
He is always their to guide me; shows an interest in all that I do
I thank him for all that he does and I value him everyday too

© Nicola Marinkovic

Monday, 13 June 2011

Children Living In Poverty

After watching a documentary on children in poverty
I felt extremely humble; saddened by what I did see
These stories were told by admirable, young children
Who shared with us tales on how their family function

On benefits with not enough to eat three meals a day
Some of them had never had the chance of a holiday
The way they told their stories helped me understand
They lived from day to day, tried not to make demands
To have never shared a holiday and family time away
Parents struggling to meet bills, that they had to pay
Benefits could not cover the costs of their daily living
Basic needs are met by the government’s providing

They realised the need to get a job when they grew up
Listening to them speak, they’d already had to grow up
Labelled as being poor but grateful of such little things
How could we ignore, the importance of their feelings?

For any child to live in poverty, at risk of being bullied
For how they dress, lack of toys, not because of greed
Knowing we’re rated as a country with such high poverty
Really did make me question our government’s sincerity

Will this ever change; for the children’s sakes it should
If we can help bail out the banks for the economical good
Then why are we failing to provide for all these children
What’s happened to this country that we all call Britain?

© Nicola Marinkovic

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Define Time....

Define time when minutes pass us by so quickly
Explain how hours that have passed become days
Reflect on how the years have seemed to fly by
Think how much during time your life's changed

On reflection how far in life, you may have come
Precious moments in time your heart can define
Memories of moments that we chose at random
For you to treasure inside for the rest of all time

Time too can help us mend when we need healing
Give us time, strength and courage to help repair
Special times can provoke such beautiful feelings
Of experiences and quality time that we can share

Define time as an adventure, one we all can play
Let your adventure be fun, memories to treasure
Of a time full of enjoyment, remember the cliché
Time waits for no one, let’s enjoy it with pleasure

© Nicola Marinkovic

Saturday, 28 May 2011


If you have ever suffered depression, where do you begin?
To explain how you’re feeling, if you’re trapped from within
Every day feels like a battle, a tall mountain you must climb
The days seem to blend together, you lose all track of time

The person you once was, can seem lost to you right now
Your confidence and self esteem taken from you somehow
Replaced by anxiety, sleepless nights, feelings of despair
You struggle with daily life and you may find it hard to share

How you’re feeling inside when you don’t even comprehend
What is happening to you, when will this madness ever end?
Detached from your life, quietly observing from the outside
Wishing you were invisible because you just want to hide

The hole just gets deeper, you find yourself falling right in
Will you ever feel like youself again or will this illness win?
Outside you can feel so fragile and quietly you wonder why
Then frustration takes over and endless tears you may cry

Your body shuts down and you’re becoming more distant
The negative thoughts take over become more persistent
If you can relate in some way to these words that I write
Please understand in your darkness that there will be light

You’re still the person you always was, a little lost it maybe
Trapped deep within you and really desperate to feel free
The person you was before, just hides somewhere within
You can be yourself once more and this battle you can win

You will feel strong again, this mental mountain you’ll climb
You will get back on top with a new born confidence inside
See things much more clearly, enjoyment will soon be yours
This is a blip in your journey and you will get back on course

© Nicola Marinkovic

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Try To Change Me

Please don't try to change me you once liked who I was
It's what brought us together now you act like I am lost
I am the person I always was, just older from the years
It's not good enough anymore, it just ends up with tears

I finally love who I am, I hoped that you loved me too
I can't change who I am, for I am me and you are you
Do not try and put me down, for things that I may do
Two people make a relationship, why am I the issue?

For nobody is perfect, that would include you and me
I am happy with who I am please except my honesty
Don't take away this person or try change who I maybe
You're the one who isn't happy, I'm just happy being me

© Nicola Marinkovic

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

To Be Bullied.........

To be bullied by anyone is demeaning and very cruel
It’s wrong, now how would you feel if that was you?
Too ashamed to speak up or tell somebody you know
The pain that you are in and why you’re feeling so low

To hide away in your room, maybe not attend school
To be nervous of everyone or made to feel like a fool
To be put down and even start to believe all they say
When you feel intimidated, scared and dread everyday

What would you do, how could you try make this stop
Find the courage within, so you could get back on top
When you dislike yourself and the way that you feel
Or you’re anxiously awaiting the next terrible ordeal

To be bullied by anyone can slowly eat away at you
You question everything but what else can you do?
Try believe in yourself, speak to someone you trust
Put a stop to these bullies for they are merely locust

Sadly they feed off people’s vulnerability and tears
Cowards who get satisfaction, when you are in fear
You are strong and you don’t deserve what they do
Find somebody to confide in, so they can help you

© Nicola Marinkovic

Monday, 9 May 2011

I Find That I Compare

I find that I compare myself to other women that I see
Through daily life, in magazines and when I watch TV
To look and dress a certain way or to be a certain size
Silly fads and extreme diets which are definitely unwise

The list is never ending to all the things that you may do
From Botox to Implants and Liposuction to name a few
Spray Tans, Hair Extensions and Veneers, if you decide
In a quest for perfection, it seems many women have tried

All the lotions and many products that help turn back time
I will confess I have invested, for this hope has been mine
Then one day I finally realised; I am happy with who I am
I may not be a super model but I will try doing all I can

To make the best of what I have and will do this naturally
Make the most of my assets and everything that makes me
To be happy with who I am is just beautiful in its own right
Beauty comes from deep within and is everyone's birthright

© Nicola Marinkovic

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Your Time To Shine

In life there will be moments for everyone to shine
So follow all you dream of don't waste precious time
Seize every opportunity which may come your way
Have faith in all you do and everything will be okay

Don't dwell on past mistakes that you may have made
It’s just a part of who you are be proud, not ashamed
For you have special qualities that make you unique
Pursue all you aspire to, be confident in all you seek

You deserve the best in life and all that it can give
Do not settle for second best or be just happy with.....
Your destiny belongs to you, dreams that you follow
May lead to great things and a chance for you to show

That you have what it takes, to be the one to succeed
Embrace all that you fear and you will start to believe
In life you can be anything; if it’s what you want to be
Walk tall with your head held high, value all you see

Don’t be taken for granted, for the person that you are
This is your time to shine, believe that you can go far
You're worth it in every aspect, be sure that you know
Be kind to those around you, for we reap what we sow

You may take knocks sometimes, as in life we all do
Just pick yourself back up and then continue to pursue
It is your time to shine, so be strong; please don't delay
Do not be disregarded as you have a right to your say

Your opinion does matter; it shows how you feel inside
The future is your journey and one that you can decide
The path that you choose to follow only you can define
You will always be a star but now it’s your time to shine

© Nicola Marinkovic

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Special friends

My friends are all really amazing, the best anyone could have
They really do like to party, they can always make me laugh
The mixture of their characters just combines so well together
They are giving and they're caring; not to mention, very clever

I love their special qualities and in their own way they all shine
Whenever I may need them, they will always make some time
They're beautiful on the outside and definitely on the inside too
Sincere and understanding, there is nothing they would not do

Always there to lend an ear or pick me up when I feel down
When the girls all get together, they’re great fun to be around
They encourage one another to be confident in whom we are
Provide advice whenever needed but would never go too far

Give me opportunities to off load, if I’m feeling pretty stressed
They always try to perk me up, when I'm not quite at my best
Sometimes they make me laugh so hard, that i just start to cry
You are all my special friends and these are the reasons why

© Nicola Marinkovic

For you, Dad

My Dad is truly special to me; I think he is a fantastic fellow
He only ever wants the best for me, he will always be my hero
He protects and keeps me safe, whenever I may be in trouble
If ever I do need him; he is there for me and extremely helpful

He gave me high expectations, of everything a man should be
No matter how difficult I was, he has always been there for me
For this I will always be grateful and I hope that he does know
I appreciate all he's done for me and I do hope that this shows

The love he has for my mum, has never faltered through his life
He treats her like a princess, the way a man should treat his wife
He has always been the strong one who keeps all of us together
For these reasons I will always love him and cherish him forever

He never asks much of anyone but to be honest and always true
He stands before all of the family; their is nothing he would not do
I am proud of the man that he is and love him with all of my heart
I wish I had realised this years ago; valued him right from the start

This protection and love he does share, with both of my daughters
For they love their grandad immensely and this love will never alter
He is always their to guide them; shows an interest in all that they do
We thank him for all that he does and we treasure him everyday too

© Nicola Marinkovic

Thursday, 31 March 2011

For Mother's Day

Mum, you are my best friend, I know that I am blessed
You are always there for me and to me you are the best
You're supportive and very caring, you are my inspiration
For all the things that you do I have complete admiration

Your life has not been easy, in fact quite difficult at times
You have always cared for me, I am lucky you are mine
Please be sure that you are loved always cared for by me
That I look forward to our future, whatever that may be

I know that I can achieve anything with you by my side
As the woman that you are will always fill me with pride
If I can just give you back all that you have given to me
The bond that we share and the whole world can see

Whenever you may need me I shall always be right there
A shoulder for you to cry on, tears and hugs we can share
Fulfill our goals and aspirations, that we both can achieve
One thing is for certain that in you I will always believe

You are my guide, my confidante and so very much more
Locked away in my heart forever by a love that is pure
We will share this life together, all the things we can do
For I will always be grateful of all that I have in you

© Nicola Marinkovic