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Thursday, 11 October 2012


Hope is the light when darkness surrounds
Hope is the smile which replaces the frown
Hope is to awaken as a new day is dawning
Hope is the night for it beckons the morning

Hope is the dream which provides inspiration
Hope is letting go of negativity and frustration
Hope is the strength that helps us pull through
Hope is the sound the heart beats within you

Let hope shine and never walk in the shadows
Live for today for we have limited tomorrows
Embrace everyday for its a gift you do receive
Hope lives within us all you just need to believe

(c) Nicola Marinkovic

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Happy Anniversary

Thirty years of marriage and nothing will ever compare
To the friendship, loyalty and love that you both do share
Caring, supportive and giving, love you will always treasure
Standing the tests of time for this could be the only measure

Through trials and tribulations always facing them together

The love you have is strong, never questioning it is forever
Enjoy your special day remember how far you have come
Both happy in the knowledge that you have found the one

Through the hard times and the sadness, suffering and tears

Standing side by side, whilst confronting both your fears
Soul mates joined by marriage and bound together by love
Made for one another, knowing this is more than enough

Sharing laughter and happiness, fulfilling all that you dream

Living life's journey together and always working as a team
Two hearts beating as one providing strength to each other
Thirty years of marriage shows your perfect for one another

(C) Nicola Marinkovic

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Could you be....

Could you be all the things I would like you to be
Would you be able to except everything that is me
Enjoy the simple pleasures in which we may share
Be honest, be true and let me know that you care

Together find happiness in the smallest of things
Take one day at a time with all that it may bring
Never forget the importance of a hug or a kiss
When we're apart let me know that I'm missed

Accept I'm not perfect, be happy with who I am
Treat me like a lady and behave like a gentleman
Make me feel special because you help me to see
That love still exists, you wouldn't try to change me

(C) Nicola Marinkovic

If Love Was Your Answer.......

If love was your answer then what was the question?
You now want me to listen, to hear your confession
You are now apart of my life I would like to forget
A weakness I once had and I shall always regret

We tried, we failed and it was not meant to be
No more anger or pain now I'm setting you free
Good intentions are fine its seeing them through
Whatever the problem, it was always about you

You can't change who you are or pretend anymore
We both know it goes back to the same as before
Blaming others for your anger promising to change
Always the same story but never turning the page

The hurt we have felt by the words that you shared
Left us all sad because we thought that you cared
My children are my world, my reason, my being
You hurt them, you hurt me and all of our feelings

Months have passed by and I hope that you see
We tried and we failed now I am setting us free

(c) Nicola Marinkovic

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Forbidden Love

Our love is forbidden, a feeling we can never declare
Such pain and sheer torment seems more than unfair
To love you so deeply, yet have to keep it well hidden
Brings me much sadness for my love stays forbidden 

Our families are different, would they ever understand
Loving you is so natural and not something I planned
Would they feel ashamed of our love or cast us away
Could they be glad we are happy and allow us to stay

This is a risk we can never take and inside we know
The shame they would feel and the hurt we'd bestow
So I will keep my forbidden love so close to my heart
Where no one can see it or try to tear our love apart

(c) Nicola Marinkovic

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Let's walk together....

Let’s walk together whilst time does permit
Hands clasped together such a beautiful fit

Synchronised footsteps in time with another
Secrets are shared that we long to discover

Sunset is approaching a breath taking sight
Time spent together as day becomes night

Admiring such beauty the sunset we share
A breathtaking view which cannot compare

Tenderness and warmth flows from within
Your hand in mine, the touch of your skin

May I walk forever with you by my side

(c) Nicola Marinkovic

Sunday, 15 January 2012


Lost is the heart that has never felt love
Lost is the soul that now wonders alone
Lost is the war that will never find peace
Lost is the voice when no one will listen
Lost is the day that passes by unfulfilled
Lost is a dream that was never achieved

Love is the heart that no longer feels lost
Souls blissfully entwined wondering free
Peace is the victory and all wars will end
Strong is the voice only when it is heard
Memories created by a day of fulfilment
Achiever of dreams and fears overcome

(c) Nicola Marinkovic