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Saturday, 28 May 2011


If you have ever suffered depression, where do you begin?
To explain how you’re feeling, if you’re trapped from within
Every day feels like a battle, a tall mountain you must climb
The days seem to blend together, you lose all track of time

The person you once was, can seem lost to you right now
Your confidence and self esteem taken from you somehow
Replaced by anxiety, sleepless nights, feelings of despair
You struggle with daily life and you may find it hard to share

How you’re feeling inside when you don’t even comprehend
What is happening to you, when will this madness ever end?
Detached from your life, quietly observing from the outside
Wishing you were invisible because you just want to hide

The hole just gets deeper, you find yourself falling right in
Will you ever feel like youself again or will this illness win?
Outside you can feel so fragile and quietly you wonder why
Then frustration takes over and endless tears you may cry

Your body shuts down and you’re becoming more distant
The negative thoughts take over become more persistent
If you can relate in some way to these words that I write
Please understand in your darkness that there will be light

You’re still the person you always was, a little lost it maybe
Trapped deep within you and really desperate to feel free
The person you was before, just hides somewhere within
You can be yourself once more and this battle you can win

You will feel strong again, this mental mountain you’ll climb
You will get back on top with a new born confidence inside
See things much more clearly, enjoyment will soon be yours
This is a blip in your journey and you will get back on course

© Nicola Marinkovic

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Try To Change Me

Please don't try to change me you once liked who I was
It's what brought us together now you act like I am lost
I am the person I always was, just older from the years
It's not good enough anymore, it just ends up with tears

I finally love who I am, I hoped that you loved me too
I can't change who I am, for I am me and you are you
Do not try and put me down, for things that I may do
Two people make a relationship, why am I the issue?

For nobody is perfect, that would include you and me
I am happy with who I am please except my honesty
Don't take away this person or try change who I maybe
You're the one who isn't happy, I'm just happy being me

© Nicola Marinkovic

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

To Be Bullied.........

To be bullied by anyone is demeaning and very cruel
It’s wrong, now how would you feel if that was you?
Too ashamed to speak up or tell somebody you know
The pain that you are in and why you’re feeling so low

To hide away in your room, maybe not attend school
To be nervous of everyone or made to feel like a fool
To be put down and even start to believe all they say
When you feel intimidated, scared and dread everyday

What would you do, how could you try make this stop
Find the courage within, so you could get back on top
When you dislike yourself and the way that you feel
Or you’re anxiously awaiting the next terrible ordeal

To be bullied by anyone can slowly eat away at you
You question everything but what else can you do?
Try believe in yourself, speak to someone you trust
Put a stop to these bullies for they are merely locust

Sadly they feed off people’s vulnerability and tears
Cowards who get satisfaction, when you are in fear
You are strong and you don’t deserve what they do
Find somebody to confide in, so they can help you

© Nicola Marinkovic

Monday, 9 May 2011

I Find That I Compare

I find that I compare myself to other women that I see
Through daily life, in magazines and when I watch TV
To look and dress a certain way or to be a certain size
Silly fads and extreme diets which are definitely unwise

The list is never ending to all the things that you may do
From Botox to Implants and Liposuction to name a few
Spray Tans, Hair Extensions and Veneers, if you decide
In a quest for perfection, it seems many women have tried

All the lotions and many products that help turn back time
I will confess I have invested, for this hope has been mine
Then one day I finally realised; I am happy with who I am
I may not be a super model but I will try doing all I can

To make the best of what I have and will do this naturally
Make the most of my assets and everything that makes me
To be happy with who I am is just beautiful in its own right
Beauty comes from deep within and is everyone's birthright

© Nicola Marinkovic