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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Your Time To Shine

In life there will be moments for everyone to shine
So follow all you dream of don't waste precious time
Seize every opportunity which may come your way
Have faith in all you do and everything will be okay

Don't dwell on past mistakes that you may have made
It’s just a part of who you are be proud, not ashamed
For you have special qualities that make you unique
Pursue all you aspire to, be confident in all you seek

You deserve the best in life and all that it can give
Do not settle for second best or be just happy with.....
Your destiny belongs to you, dreams that you follow
May lead to great things and a chance for you to show

That you have what it takes, to be the one to succeed
Embrace all that you fear and you will start to believe
In life you can be anything; if it’s what you want to be
Walk tall with your head held high, value all you see

Don’t be taken for granted, for the person that you are
This is your time to shine, believe that you can go far
You're worth it in every aspect, be sure that you know
Be kind to those around you, for we reap what we sow

You may take knocks sometimes, as in life we all do
Just pick yourself back up and then continue to pursue
It is your time to shine, so be strong; please don't delay
Do not be disregarded as you have a right to your say

Your opinion does matter; it shows how you feel inside
The future is your journey and one that you can decide
The path that you choose to follow only you can define
You will always be a star but now it’s your time to shine

© Nicola Marinkovic

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Special friends

My friends are all really amazing, the best anyone could have
They really do like to party, they can always make me laugh
The mixture of their characters just combines so well together
They are giving and they're caring; not to mention, very clever

I love their special qualities and in their own way they all shine
Whenever I may need them, they will always make some time
They're beautiful on the outside and definitely on the inside too
Sincere and understanding, there is nothing they would not do

Always there to lend an ear or pick me up when I feel down
When the girls all get together, they’re great fun to be around
They encourage one another to be confident in whom we are
Provide advice whenever needed but would never go too far

Give me opportunities to off load, if I’m feeling pretty stressed
They always try to perk me up, when I'm not quite at my best
Sometimes they make me laugh so hard, that i just start to cry
You are all my special friends and these are the reasons why

© Nicola Marinkovic

For you, Dad

My Dad is truly special to me; I think he is a fantastic fellow
He only ever wants the best for me, he will always be my hero
He protects and keeps me safe, whenever I may be in trouble
If ever I do need him; he is there for me and extremely helpful

He gave me high expectations, of everything a man should be
No matter how difficult I was, he has always been there for me
For this I will always be grateful and I hope that he does know
I appreciate all he's done for me and I do hope that this shows

The love he has for my mum, has never faltered through his life
He treats her like a princess, the way a man should treat his wife
He has always been the strong one who keeps all of us together
For these reasons I will always love him and cherish him forever

He never asks much of anyone but to be honest and always true
He stands before all of the family; their is nothing he would not do
I am proud of the man that he is and love him with all of my heart
I wish I had realised this years ago; valued him right from the start

This protection and love he does share, with both of my daughters
For they love their grandad immensely and this love will never alter
He is always their to guide them; shows an interest in all that they do
We thank him for all that he does and we treasure him everyday too

© Nicola Marinkovic