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Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Desperation overwhelms me, leaves me feeling confused
Left hurting inside whilst your words leave me bruised
My defences were weak; you drew me into your abysses 
Sinking deeper into pure darkness; I am fighting to resist

I should have known better because history always shows
You were the wolf in disguise only wearing sheep's clothes 
Subdued feelings of such frustration, sadness and despair
Wishing your words did not hurt me and I could not care

You make me want to retreat into myself to just hide away
Help me block out the venom and the games that you play
The child that lives within me just wants to keep running
I should have recognised the signs or seen this one coming

I will not feel anger, bitterness nor resentment or dismay
At some point in the near future I will look back on this day
Desperation will have left me; the darkness will be no more
I feel light shining within me providing guidance once more

(c) Nicola Marinkovic

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