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Sunday, 16 September 2012

If Love Was Your Answer.......

If love was your answer then what was the question?
You now want me to listen, to hear your confession
You are now apart of my life I would like to forget
A weakness I once had and I shall always regret

We tried, we failed and it was not meant to be
No more anger or pain now I'm setting you free
Good intentions are fine its seeing them through
Whatever the problem, it was always about you

You can't change who you are or pretend anymore
We both know it goes back to the same as before
Blaming others for your anger promising to change
Always the same story but never turning the page

The hurt we have felt by the words that you shared
Left us all sad because we thought that you cared
My children are my world, my reason, my being
You hurt them, you hurt me and all of our feelings

Months have passed by and I hope that you see
We tried and we failed now I am setting us free

(c) Nicola Marinkovic


  1. This is fantastic so proud of you for being able to put pen to paper and create such amazing work :0) x

  2. Thanks Missus :) you've made me smile xxxx

  3. so sad but so true,really proud of my beautiful and talented daugther
    young hearts run free lol
    luv you lots,mama xxxx