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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Special friends

My friends are all really amazing, the best anyone could have
They really do like to party, they can always make me laugh
The mixture of their characters just combines so well together
They are giving and they're caring; not to mention, very clever

I love their special qualities and in their own way they all shine
Whenever I may need them, they will always make some time
They're beautiful on the outside and definitely on the inside too
Sincere and understanding, there is nothing they would not do

Always there to lend an ear or pick me up when I feel down
When the girls all get together, they’re great fun to be around
They encourage one another to be confident in whom we are
Provide advice whenever needed but would never go too far

Give me opportunities to off load, if I’m feeling pretty stressed
They always try to perk me up, when I'm not quite at my best
Sometimes they make me laugh so hard, that i just start to cry
You are all my special friends and these are the reasons why

© Nicola Marinkovic


  1. that was so lovely, your always there for me and my boys too, your also a special friend xxx bernie

  2. What thoughtful words it is brilliant well done xx Sue