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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

For you, Dad

My Dad is truly special to me; I think he is a fantastic fellow
He only ever wants the best for me, he will always be my hero
He protects and keeps me safe, whenever I may be in trouble
If ever I do need him; he is there for me and extremely helpful

He gave me high expectations, of everything a man should be
No matter how difficult I was, he has always been there for me
For this I will always be grateful and I hope that he does know
I appreciate all he's done for me and I do hope that this shows

The love he has for my mum, has never faltered through his life
He treats her like a princess, the way a man should treat his wife
He has always been the strong one who keeps all of us together
For these reasons I will always love him and cherish him forever

He never asks much of anyone but to be honest and always true
He stands before all of the family; their is nothing he would not do
I am proud of the man that he is and love him with all of my heart
I wish I had realised this years ago; valued him right from the start

This protection and love he does share, with both of my daughters
For they love their grandad immensely and this love will never alter
He is always their to guide them; shows an interest in all that they do
We thank him for all that he does and we treasure him everyday too

© Nicola Marinkovic

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  1. This is beautiful it brought a tear to my eye xx Sue x