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Monday, 9 May 2011

I Find That I Compare

I find that I compare myself to other women that I see
Through daily life, in magazines and when I watch TV
To look and dress a certain way or to be a certain size
Silly fads and extreme diets which are definitely unwise

The list is never ending to all the things that you may do
From Botox to Implants and Liposuction to name a few
Spray Tans, Hair Extensions and Veneers, if you decide
In a quest for perfection, it seems many women have tried

All the lotions and many products that help turn back time
I will confess I have invested, for this hope has been mine
Then one day I finally realised; I am happy with who I am
I may not be a super model but I will try doing all I can

To make the best of what I have and will do this naturally
Make the most of my assets and everything that makes me
To be happy with who I am is just beautiful in its own right
Beauty comes from deep within and is everyone's birthright

© Nicola Marinkovic


  1. Nicky, I was alerted to your site by a 'ReTweet' from 'My Word Wizard' and then by your simple Twitter 'Bio', to which I relate. I really like this poem because, similarly, I relate to it; it is so refreshing to find a young person who wants to accept themselves as they are and is not a wannabe! I salute you.

  2. Thank you for your kind words and and i'm pleased that you relate to my bio and my poem. I have looked at your blog and it is amazing. I am now one of your followers. I salute you too :)

  3. A true insight into how many women feel on a daily basis,great poem from a great poet

  4. Many thanks for your kind feedback:) Very supportive as always :) xxxx