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Friday, 24 June 2011

I Dream Of.............

I dream of a time when there will be no poverty
No destruction and war for the innocent to see
When racism and hatred will no longer exist
Of a world that unites and no country resists

I dream of an end to all starvation and crime
Where nobody feels hunger in their lifetime
We are safe in our homes and on our streets
Where no child knows abuse, hurt or deceit

I dream of a time that will end domestic abuse
The statistics will fall and headline the news
To not live in fear and to care for one another
Know that we’re equal, the same as each other

I hope that one day my dreams will come true
Be a part of the changes that affect me and you
To live in a world where we all show respect
How precious life is, due to cause and effect

© Nicola Marinkovic


  1. This poem is as good the speech Martin Luther King gave "I Have a Dream".
    Always a pleasure to read your poetry
    Luv Criff xxx

  2. Lovely poem, I wish for the same :)