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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Why behave this way?

What did you hope to achieve by behaving this way?
These are cities you live in, not a game that you play
Looting the shops then reducing buildings to ashes
Causing mayhem where you go, covering your faces

Why do you think you've the right to take from anyone?
You’re actions are stupid and your behaviour is dumb
Stretching limited resources of our emergency services
You don't bring pride to this country, you only disgrace us

You show no care for others or the cities where you live
Destroying all in your path but what is really your motive?
If your actions are for a reason, then I am truly bemused
Your behaviour is disrespectful and cannot be excused

I feel only pride for the people who are rallying together
Protecting their premises and communities they treasure
Cleaning up the mess these selfish people have made
Showing solidarity by uniting, true courage displayed

(C) Nicola Marinkovic


  1. yes it is true flowers always appreciable,acceptable not throns.
    nice piece of work.wish you a good luck.

  2. This is brilliant and so true

  3. Hi Nicky, my 1st time here & this is a very nice poem.. speaks the truth! following you.