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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Poem for Japan

As Japan was struck by immense devastation
This moment in time affected so many nations
Their sadness and loss reached out to us all
A wave of destruction in the midst of their fall

Many lives were taken, when this tragedy struck
Villages and homes reduced to nothing but muck
For this country, its people I have pure admiration
The courage they have shown in need of salvation

We all have a choice, let's help make a difference
Show love and support, regardless of distance
Keep them in our prayers and in our hearts too
For the sake of humanity, its the least we can do

Donate a little something, whatever you may give
Could help rebuild their lives, places they once lived
We share this world together, its wrong just to ignore
What's going on around us the pictures that we saw

It may not be our country but we all have a right to live
Be there for one another is the message we should give
To the people of Japan and all the other countries too
We all can help each other, let's start with me and you

© Nicola Marinkovic


  1. Well Done! A sincere and heartfelt reflection on humankinds life and strife with adversity and the unity required to rebuild the physical and the spiritual. Go girl!

    HAK Pops x

  2. Wow Pops what can i say to that, i'm so glad you like it. HAK Love you x

  3. Absolutly beautiful, it comes straight from the heart,you are certainly your grandad`s grandaughter he would be so proud of you
    love you lots sugarplum xxx

  4. Thanks nan :) that means a lot. Am so glad you like them. Love you lots jelly tots xxx

  5. aw thats beautiful nicky :)... well done x dylan x

  6. awesome poem.u said well.atleast we can pray for japan people.may god help them to forgate the blow of nature.we all r with them.