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Thursday, 31 March 2011

For Mother's Day

Mum, you are my best friend, I know that I am blessed
You are always there for me and to me you are the best
You're supportive and very caring, you are my inspiration
For all the things that you do I have complete admiration

Your life has not been easy, in fact quite difficult at times
You have always cared for me, I am lucky you are mine
Please be sure that you are loved always cared for by me
That I look forward to our future, whatever that may be

I know that I can achieve anything with you by my side
As the woman that you are will always fill me with pride
If I can just give you back all that you have given to me
The bond that we share and the whole world can see

Whenever you may need me I shall always be right there
A shoulder for you to cry on, tears and hugs we can share
Fulfill our goals and aspirations, that we both can achieve
One thing is for certain that in you I will always believe

You are my guide, my confidante and so very much more
Locked away in my heart forever by a love that is pure
We will share this life together, all the things we can do
For I will always be grateful of all that I have in you

© Nicola Marinkovic


  1. For my mum who i can never thank enough for all she has given me. In my heart forever and always. Love you mama xx

  2. I love you too,more than you will ever know.So very proud of the person you have become,a beautiful daughter inside and out xxx

  3. You've been peeping, my early mother's day gift to you. I am all that i am because of you and pops. Love you xx