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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

What gives us the right........

What gives us the right to take our moods out on others?
Our families, our children, our friends, all who love us
Because we woke up that day and we felt that way out
Would that give us the right to be difficult and to shout?

To be ignorant and quite moody, or just grunt and groan
Or maybe spend the whole day doing nothing but moan
About the way that they are and the things they may do
Imagine if this role was reversed, it would get to you too

To be picked at and put down or just moaned at all day
It would surely get you down until you felt the same way
For should we not treat others as we'd like to be treated?
To admit when we are wrong and try not be so conceited

Try stop behaving like a child until we get our own way
Nothing gives us the right to make someone else pay?
For the way that we felt when we woke up that morning
Without reason or explanation not a hint or a warning

To why we're being difficult and behaving like we are
For how would we feel if we pushed them too far?
Look back with regret at how we had treated others
The people who cared and were always there for us

We could try to be more truthful, learn to communicate
Before we damage all we have because it's never too late
To think about our behaviour and how it can affect others
If we love them as we say then just be kind to one another

© Nicola Marinkovic


  1. once again another great poem,xxx

  2. Thank you Anonymous, i'm glad you like it x

  3. these are really good Nicky. My neighbour is an amazing poet.

  4. Thank you padge, glad you both like them. Thanks for having a look :)

  5. Fantastic! So true really made me think xx Sue x