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Monday, 21 March 2011


Music has been in our lives for forever
Magical sounds that provide us with pleasure
Our choices in music can vary quite often
What one person likes another finds rotten

Music is written in many different forms
Given all the choices sometimes we feel torn
Do we like Rock or Pop, House or Electronic

Or maybe R&B, Jazz or Technotronic

Music is something we can enjoy when we say
Whilst we party all night till the break of day
Dance till we know we can't dance anymore
Till our legs are aching and our feet feel sore

Or maybe stay at home sit back and relax
To our choice of music our favourite tracks
Music reminds us of  fun times and places
Time spent with friends just getting wasted

The music we enjoy with a special someone
Lyrics to 'our song' inspiring true devotion
Unique to us alone, we don't have to share
The meaning for our music is always there

It could be the lyrics or the beat that you feel
Sounds from the instruments can make it so real
The depth of the keyboard or piano, you choose
Combine them together its ourselves that we lose

In the moment, in our mind, our own special place
We allow it to absorb us become lost with out trace
For music is non-judgmental regardless of taste
It's the magic of music that we just cannot waste

© Nicola Marinkovic